Friday, March 30, 2007

Caught the Fish Stealer

white-throated kingfisher This is one of the culprits that have been hunting in my containers. This white-throated kingfisher was sitting on the ledge outside my second floor home office. I caught him with the camera without spooking him by poking the camera out of the window to shoot him. Not long after, he dove down towards one of my water lily containers and must have taken a fish for his meal.
It is part of the charm living just on the edge of a nature reserve what you have in your garden becomes part of the food chain. So what if I have to replenish the containers with fresh fish stock ever so often. It keeps the kingfishers happy and fed. They reward me with their song.
This is also the largest of the kingfisher species. I've only seen blue-eared kingfisher once but only because it had crashed into the glass panel and died. It had iridescent colors but we could not do anything for it.

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