Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bilimbi Fruit

Bilimbi is another fruit that is hard to find these days at local wet markets.
I came across a small batch at my Indian spice seller's stall when I dro pped by to buy ginger and kaffir lime leaves.
Used in Nonya cooking Belimbi or Belimbing Assam is a small, green, sour fruit, from the Averrhoa Bilimbi tree. The Belimbi is actually related to the Starfruit (and also known in Malay as the Belimbing or the Belimbing Manis ).
I've seen plants growing around the area I live but I have not seen them flower or fruit yet.
I use to get the yellow Belimbi from a neighbor but personally I prefer the green ones for cooking. You can also pan fry them with pork and garlic.
I was going to prepare sambal udang bilimbi this evening but a last minute work request changed things. May be tomorrow?

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