Friday, April 06, 2007

Moseying Along on Good Friday

It's a holiday today and I decided to take a drive down to the business district and spend the morning walking along the Singapore River.
I wanted to capture the bronze sculptures called "People of the River Series" along the river that depicted life of Singapore in the early days.
The walk was leisurely and the weather wasn't too humid to make the entire trip too umcomfortable.
Ended up at The Central opposite of Clarke Quay for lunch, had to try the Japanese ramen outlet that was getting rave reviews from foodies here - Marutama Ramen on level 3. It however takes forever to get to the carpark. It felt like you were driving up a cork screw forever before you come to the carpark entrance. Was it worth the effort absolutely but the next time I'll jump on the MRT and pop out at the building. There are other Japanese eateries there too and they all look tempting too.
After refueling I decided to head to the newly opened National Museum of Singapore. It took 3 drives around the block before I finally located the entrance to the museum carpark but now I know. Absolutly fabulous way to while away the afternoon listening to the history of Singapore. I came home still suffering the effects of my carb overdose from ramen and burping garlic. Yup, I odeed on ramen, char sui and deep fried garlic flakes. Yawn....

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