Sunday, May 27, 2007

Crikey!!!! A Huge Cat n Heaps of Bee Hoon

This is the usual Sunday scene in the kitchen, Ruben will insist on stretching out between the fridge, sink and hob.
It's his way of getting involved with the buzz that is going on in the kitchen. The fat boy (all 9.5kgs) is an attention seeker as we literally have to move him when we need to open the fridge or stand over him as we work.
We weren't trying to drag him away with the foot rug here, he just didn't want to part with the rug. Sometimes, I will rub his back with my foot occasionally as he loves it but most of the time I avoid tripping over Ruben while I cook.
Today, I stuck a camera in his face after taking this shot and that did the trick. Rube hates me pointing a camera in his face as he's been my subject for countless photo sessions.
As usual, Lilik over estimated the quantity of bee hoon and ingredients that were to go into the bee hoon lunch for six. I ended up frying up a huge pot that could have fed 15 people. To avoid having bee hoon the entire week, we distributed some it to my aunt and Lilik's friend.

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