Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Old Style Chinese Restaurant n Roast Meat Stall

I drove to Jalan Todak where two of my favorite Cantonese cuisine eateries are - Hua Nam Restaurant and Sin Hin Restaurant.
Hua Nam serves tim sum, does zhi char (which is basically dishes cooked to order) and roast meats. I've not eaten their tim sum for some time but many people frequent the place for its tim sum. I go there for the zhi char, especially for the fried rice or hor fan. Use to like the Hong Kong noodles but it's different now due to a change of cooks. Today, I ordered fried rice which is only $3 and there's enough to feed two small eaters comfortably.
I prefer the roast meats from Sin Hin Restaurant than Hua Nam's although their isn't too bad either.
Sin Hin only sells roast meats during lunch and be prepared to queue and wait. A standard order can be up to 20 packets of roast meat rice. The stall is a favorite with the working class as it only cost $2 for a packet of rice.
I ordered char siu and siow bah (roasted pork belly) with rice, the additional siow bah only cost me an additional 50 cents. Making a grand total of $5.50 for lunch.

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