Thursday, May 31, 2007

People's Park Food Center

People's Park Food Centre is pretty big, the place has many stalls and is hive of activity, but there are so few really must try stalls to eat at.
There is the famous $3 Yong Tau Foo, but be prepared to queue of at least 30 people long.
Another must try is Toh Kee for its roast meats and Cantonses steamed soups. I bought home half a duck at $16 and I quite like the braised soy beans that accompany the duck. It was good but I still prefer my Hong Kong style roast duck.

Another stall to try is the Loh Mei Specialist. Loh Mei, otherwise known as Lo Kai Yik (or stewed chicken wings in Cantonese), was once common fare in Singapore. Now, Loh Mei Specialist may be the only one that offers this rare delicacy in Singapore.
What is Loh Mei? It is a dish that uses fermented bean curd, specially imported from Shanghai. Besides adding flavour, the fermented bean curd gives the dish an interesting coat of red. The dish consist of chicken wings, cuttlefish, kang kong, pig's skin, stomach and intestines. I make this dish at home but do not add pork to it so that Lilik can eat it. It still goes down well with the family.

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