Friday, May 25, 2007

Pigging out at Central - Hokkaido Ice Cream

Dessert was going to be a soft ice cream from Azabu Sabo's Hokkaido Ice Cream. Hokkaido is suppose to be well known for its dairy products, particularly the farm-fresh quality of its milk. Hokkaido Gelato Ice Cream is produced from the rich creamy milk.
Azabu Sabo is very serious about its ice cream, that they brought their own Japanese Ice Cream Specialist to Singapore to introduce the special technique of making Hokkaido ice cream here. The shop seemed popular today as there was a crowd waiting to be served when we were there.

After waiting in line for the hoard of ladies ahead of us. We were told that there wasn't any soft ice cream today. Joh ended up buying a home pack (650ml) of matcha ice cream to take back to the office.
If I wasn't that full from Marutama, I would have tried their hot balls which look like puffs. So there will be another entry soon on the interesting hot balls which can be ordered in 4 or 8 pieces with five choices of toppings to choose.

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