Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday in the Kitchen - Kueh Dadar

This is something that I learnt in school and it was a blast to revisit this recipe. Great way to use up some of my pandan leaves which as thriving so well that I am able to supply my neighbors as well.

Coconut Filling
500 g grated coconut
6 pandan leaves, cut into 4 inch lengths
500 g gula Melaka, chopped
Combine grated coconut, pandan leaves and gula Melaka in a pot. Simmer till mixture is thickened. If prefer a sweeter taste, add white sugar to taste. Set aside.

Pancakes4 eggs
250 ml coconut milk
240 g plain flour
400 ml water
50 ml Pandan juice
Green coloring

In a mixing bowl, beat eggs with a pinch of salt. Alternately, add coconut milk, water, flour and mix well in between additions.
Strain mixture through a sieve, stir and add green coloring.
Heat and lightly grease a small non-stick pan. Pour a little batter into the pan and turn pan so that the batter forms a thin layer.
When the underside is cooked, remove pancake from pan and set aside. Pout in another round of batter into the pan.As the second pancake cooks, place 1-2 tablespoons of grated coconut filing on top of the first pancake and roll up. Repeat this process till all batter is used up.

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