Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This One Is Worth Going To

As mentioned in my previous day’s entry, I had a disappointing lunch and I needed to sate my need for a satisfying Japanese meal. I met a friend for lunch today and she recommended that we have lunch at Raku Zen.
Raku Zen is a Japanese fine dining restaurant, in Time Square, Millenia Walk. The restaurant occupies the space previously occupied by Sushi Tei and Starbucks. The menu was tempting enough and the restaurant had a number of tables occupied by Japanese executives on their lunch break that was a good sign. People from Japan are passionate about their food and are extremely particular about its authenticity.
The menu was tempting enough and the both of us decided to choose our set meals from the sashimi section along with cooked fish (unagi and saba) and brown rice instead of white.
You can usually count on Japanese set meals to be beautifully arranged, and Raku Zen's were no exception. Our sashimi sets looked tantalizing. The best part was we were there on a Tuesday, which is on of the two days when they get fresh supplies of seafood from Japan. Another point to note is that the ingredients used in Raku Zen are mostly imported from Japan. Their Japanese rice, for example, is sourced from one particular farm, and is polished in the restaurant itself to retain its fragrance.
Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our set meals and the brown rice had a very pleasant texture and fragrance.

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