Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Like my Noodles - Spaghetti alle Vongole

Grocery shopping was the order of the morning and as I was doing costing for another dish that I am going to prepare, I was browsing frozen seafood section. I picked up a packet of frozen clams to prepare vongole for lunch. A simple and yummy one dish meal. I think the frozen clams are also a lot easier as there was no need to clean the clams. It took no more than 30 minutes before lunch was ready. The only ingredient that I would liked to have fresh was parsley.
1/3 cup olive oil
4 garlic cloves thinly sliced
250 g frozen clams
1 Tbs dried or fresh parsley
small pinch of chili flakes
sea salt
1/3 cup of dry white wine
1 Tbs butter
Freshly ground pepper
1 fresh chili chopped

Bring 4 quarts of water to a boil in a large pot, add 1 tbs of salt, and drop in the pasta all at once, stirring until the strands are submerged. If you have a smaller pot, you can use less than 4 quarts of water, but you must constantly stir the spaghetti for one minute. When the pasta is molto al dente (about 1 minute away from being al dente), drain.
Saute garlic in oil in a heavy bottom pot, over a medium-high heat until the garlic starts to sizzle. Stir in parsley and red pepper flakes. Do not let the garlic brown.
Slowly stir in liquid from the clams. Cover and cook over low heat 4 minutes.
Add clams and white wine. Stir occasionally, until the alcohol evaporates. (The steam will no longer tickle your nose.) About 1 minute.
Add the drained pasta so that it finishes cooking in the skillet. Cook until the pasta is al dente and most of the liquid in the skillet is evaporated.
Stir in butter and serve at once.

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