Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ikan Goreng Stuffed with Pounded Chili and Garlic

I've not prepared this dish in a long time but the visit to the nasi padang stall made me want to have something spicy for dinner. It so happened Lilik had taken out four ikan selah and I asked her to fry the fish with chili and garlic.
This is ikan goreng that has been fried in a very hot wok will crispy with chili and garlic stuffed between the bone and flesh. This is how the chili paste looks within the fish.
Ikan Selah, cleaned and slice the backs of each fish open on both sides of the dorsal fin leaving the bone in the middle
6 cloves garlic
5 red chilies
2 chili paddi
salt to taste

Pound garlic and chili into a course paste.
Add salt to taste.
Stuff the paste into the slits in the fish.
Heat wok and oil till the oil is smoking and place the fish into wok.
Fry till crispy.

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