Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tekka Market - Buffalo Street

This is a very colorful street next to Tekka Market. Buffalo Street is lined with vegetable cum spice traders and the small walkways are crammed with produce of every kind. These are flower garland sellers who weave their garlands fresh. The garlands are used to garland Hindu deities or adorn hair to add fragrance.The clay lamps are cheap and you can use them as decorative pieces in the house.Wonder into the stalls as you will chance upon interesting things like I did. I found one with a wall neatly stacked up with vegetables floor to ceiling.I would have spent more time talking with the vendors if it had not been a Saturday, one of their busiest days of business.
I recognize betel leaves which look like pepper plant leaves but I did know that I was walking past betel nut shavings till the beautiful markings caught my eye and I stopped to ask what the vendor was unpacking. Many of the helpers here do not speak English and you need to be patient to find someone who can tell you what you are seeing or touching.

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