Friday, September 21, 2007


I got additional fruits from the supermarket today, given the hot weather we've been having this week. Fruits made sense as they are light and refreshing.
I picked up a punnet of champagne grapes, these grapes have been appearing in supermarkets of late. They are pea-size and exceedingly sweet and juicy. I was going to use them as topping for a cake that I wanted to bake but the domestic helpers took over my kitchen today to cook up an Indonesian desert.Wax Jambus (Roseapples) are in season too and I picked up a plate and they were great.In Singapore, we eat them with dark soy sauce, sugar and sliced chili. I would have thrown in prawn paste but I wasn't prepare to open the bottle of prawn paste. The sauce is also great with pineapple.


elyani said...

The other day my neighbor sent me fresh picked jambu air from her tree. I like to eat them with coarse salt and pounded chilli or rujak sauce but your sauce looks tempting :)
For those kind of jambu, we call them "jambu air" because they contain a lot of water, while guava is called "jambu biji" for the many seeds they have inside its flesh.

Shirls said...

hi elyani, it's jambu air here too. I like it with rojak sauce too.