Saturday, September 08, 2007

Herbal Roast Duck

It was a rather dull and cloudy day today and just as well as I had my two hour facial appointment. By the time I was done, my tummy was saying feed me. There were the usual eateries at Suntec that I could have gone to but I wanted to try something new. Food Republic was a zoo with the weekend crowd and people who were attending the Games Convention. I pushed my way along and went to Marina where my car was parked. Again the usual suspects then I saw Dian Xiao Er and decided that I shall give the eatery a try.
Dian Xiao Er specialises in herbal roast duck, which according the the eatery's website the ducks are Cherry Valley ducks of the finest quality; naturally breed off the lakeside. The ducks are first marinated with a myriad of herbs and spices for hours before roasting. They roast their ducks daily.
I ordered a single serving of roast duck leg with rice as ordering more would definitely lead to wastage. This was my order with a plate of rice and a bowl of soup.The first mouthful of duck with rice, herbal sauce and chili sauce set my taste buds tingling with happiness.The flesh of the duck was succulent and well-infused with the fragrance of Chinese herbs, I could taste five spice and definitely tang gui in the meat and each bite was an explosion of flavours complete with a smooth texture that was a joy. The skin was crisp and not exceedingly fatty.
I ended up finishing the plate of rice and walking out of the eatery satiated. I'd come with friends the next time to try more items on their menu.


elyani said...

I find your blog very interesting and the pics are very nice. Been to Singapore a couple of times but didn't get the time to explore all of Singapore culinary. Your blog is very informative as well as entertaining. Hope you drop by at my place sometime! Do you mind if I add you in my blog roll?

Shirls said...

Hi Elyani, thank you for your compliment. My blog continues to bring me lots of pleasure. Finding subjects to write about hasn't been too difficult. It made me explore and look at my own home through the lens. Please feel free to add me in your blog roll.