Sunday, September 09, 2007

Trekking On A Newly Opened Path In The Reserve

Out of curiosity, I had to take the camera and walk the newly opened path within the nature reserve. The new path cuts through the secondary forest and is quite a pleasant walk but mind the mossies. As it was a spur of a moment decision to dive into the new path, I did not slather myself with insect repellent and paid the price with lots of insect bites.
Look what I came across along the way...A brown butterfly that was perfectly camouflaged with the brown leaves strewn on the path. I'm not a mushroom expert but may be these are edible mushrooms. These look like strawmushrooms.Abalone mushroom.Similar to a woody mushroom that I've seen at traditional medicinal halls.I turned back about half way as the mossies were really hungry.

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