Friday, November 16, 2007

Bangkok Street Food II

There is unbelievable amount of food being sold on the streets of Bangkok and it was impossible to try them all. This smiling lady who obliging posed for me is selling fried fish cakes.This man is selling pig's trotters and intestines stewed in soy sauce. We tried it one night at a different street hawker and it was delicious just forget about the fat you are consuming.Stall selling fried rice or noodles which ever way you like it.Ingredients to a bowl of noodle soup, include liver, pig's blood and minced pork.This kuay chap seller at the floating market. Grilled salt covered snakeheads, catfish and chicken on the street near Central World. The fish had pandan stuffed into their mouths to add frangrance to an otherwise very bland fish.Satay at Chatuchak.

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Jessica said...

thanks, I am going there next week.