Monday, November 05, 2007

Bangkok Street Food

Bangkok for a day and a little, with my camera in toll. I spent the day that I got walking around the area we stayed at. Hey, I even got a cute tuk-tuk driver having breakfast to pose for me. Anyway, this post is dedicated to the street food found along the streets of Bangkok.
This is a small hawker center just beside the hotel but look at the food, it looks just yummy.Look at the fresh greens spread out on the long table. It's healthy eating but one still has to be careful with raw food.This is how a street hawker washes his raw greens.This is the washed greens laid out on crushed ice which looks wonderful.Here are the pots of soup that goes with the noodles and fresh greens.How about fried quail's eggs? This is the first time, I've seen quail eggs prepared this way.There's lots of fried goodies that look very tempting. Tofu with minced meat, prawn fritters and french fries.


elyani said...

Interesting, Shirls! I can understand your concern about the raw food there. It is probably similar with the "warung" here where they only use a bucket of water to wash everything ...LOL! The tuk-tuk driver is quite good looking too...hehehe

Shirls said...

I've done the silly thing twice of eating raw food in Bangkok and in Bali. Got away with it both times but I wouldn't dare try in Myanmar or Cambodia.