Sunday, December 02, 2007

Being Home Bound

I didn't have time to take the camera out for my weekly walk around this weekend. Instead, I found my subjects around the home to practice with my camera playing with various aperture settings while having my camera on manual mode. This is my cat Ruben, he's a huge cat of over 9 kg. This is what he does to amuse us all, squeeze himself into small containers.Here's a play of black and white using my doggie, her shadow and plain old sunlight.A high calorie meal for my 15-year-old cat. I'm playing chef to a cat.Plants around the garden as subjects.


elyani said...

Ruben is a lovely cat! I want to snuggle him all day :)

Shirls said...

ha!ha! you can try, he won't let you. He won't let me cuddle him for more than 30 seconds. That's his maximum limit.

But yes, he is mr manja