Sunday, December 30, 2007

This Evening's Discoveries

I took a different route through the reserve this afternoon and the forest was filled with calls of an unknown creatures. They sounded like birds but I soon discovered that the litter along the path hid little wonders. They took a long time to locate but locate them I did.
At the time of posting, these tiny creatures no more than 2 - 3 cm are unnamed as I could not find them in any identification books.
This tiny frog had a white line running down its back and I only managed to get this shot before it disappeared into the litter.
A closer look after cropping.This tiny frog had an orange or yellow nose, I found two but this one was in a better position to photograph. (Update: this frog is known as the yellow-bellied puddle frog)Close-up (Update: also a yellow-bellied puddle frog) This little toad was also in the litter pool with the frogs. (Update: it is official it's not a toad but the juvenile of the Malayan (Blyth's) Giant Frog) This orange brown toad was discovered in a small drainage pipe. (Update: A four-ridged toad)

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