Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chinese New Year Plants

After almost two weeks of going back and forth to the hospital. It was kind of nice to be able to relax after all the stress. On my way home, Friday evening I made an impromptu stop over at the flower gardens near Caldecott Hill. I wanted to let the two helpers enjoy the colors and the multitude of plants that were at the gardens, and I was on the look out for more Amaryllis bulbs but of different color if the gardens stocked them this year.
It was a sea of riotous color with flower of many hues. Kumquats, pussy willow, hydrangea, chrysanthemum and much, much, more.
This plant is new to me and the tag on the plant says Japanese Begonia but the plant doesn't look anything like a begonia. The red blossom is also un-begonia like.After walking through all the gardens at Caldecott, I walked away with a pot of lavender but no Amaryllis bulbs in sight. Actually, there are less plant varieties this year.

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