Thursday, February 07, 2008

Enjoying A Walk & A Bit Of Exploring

As I had more time this morning, I decided to explore a differnt location of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. As with all new locations, on the surface it looked uninteresting, till I started to pick-up life in the trees around me. I spied this collared kingfisher while trying to photograph pink-necked green pigeons.What was thrilling about this find, was the bird allowed me to approach close. It just eyed me from its perch.I just love this shot of the bird against the clear blue sky. These were the pigeons that I photographed before they flew off.These birds tend to go around in pairs - love birds. The male is the prettier of the two. There was a flock of them feeding on the ficus tree that was fruiting. The tiny orange-red fruits on the branch in the photo below.

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