Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More From Jai Thai Cafe

This is a prelude to next week-end's trip to Bangkok. I will be joining friends for a foodie tour of their favorite food stalls in Bangkok's Chinatown.
I went back to Jai Thai for more Thai food last week. Since there were three of us having lunch, we decided to try two à la carte dishes.
I gave the beef noodles a try again and liked it this time around. May be, it's the cook who prepares the dish but it was definitely better than the last time with better balance of spices and the beef was tender.
We added a mango salad and a Thai fish cake each to our order. The mango salad had the right piquancy, it was very refreshing. The fish cakes were good too and I could almost hear my helper's voice in my head telling me that we've not made Thai fish cakes in a very long time. I will do so when I have time and I can find a sizeable horse mackeral in the market.

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