Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dampness The Bane Of My Lungs

As you know I have written about the bad weather we have been having of late. On Thursday night, the mercury dipped to 21.8 deg C - about the average day-time temperature in Hong Kong during winter.
The bits of sunshine did bring out birds and I had the pleasure of observing this baby sunbird try to feed itself for the first time. It was hilarious as it tried to stick its beak everywhere in the hope of hitting pay dirt. Mom flew off and left it to its own devices.
Well I should have known better but I obviously didn't. I didn't see the need to keep myself warm so I've come down with a bad cough from taking walks in the cool damp air. The dampness has settled in my chest just like my last bad bout of bronchitis in Paris. This bracken shoot is how my lungs feel coiled up ready spring to try and expel the lungs out of my chest.
I have also gotten a royally stuffed nose and a very horse voice thanks to all the hacking I've been doing. Today, I closed the family kitchen and declared quarantine so that the family will stay away as I felt like a beat-up ole truck.
After the morning grocery run, I told my helper that I was going to sleep and she laughed as sleeping in the day for me is a totally alien activity.
However, in my befuddled state, I did get about 30 minutes of shut eye. I spent the rest of the day lying in bed reading a book that I had bought last week. Thanks BC it was an interesting read.


Elyani said...

Hi Shirls, I hate being I feel your pain. The voice part, I think they make women sound particularly sexy...well sometimes at least...hehehe! Hope you get better soon!

Shirls said...

Hi elyani, you probably think I such a baby. My voice has gone past sexiness to downright puny and strained.

I'm just a very bad patient I'll wait till I can't take it any longer before crawling to the doctor. I finally crawled to the doc as I could not take the hacking no more.

My taste buds are dead for now. Everthing has a bitter after taste. Yuck!