Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lucky Me!

The weather has been wet this week and I decided to go out at 6 pm this evening to see if I will have luck in finding more amphibians. However, the area that I usually looked for my froggies was in shambles it looked like an army had ripped the place apart. I wonder if its the result of the search that is going on for the escaped terrorist.
As I headed home, I stopped to try and photograph a trio of branded imperials on a vine but as I tried to get closer the trio disbanded. Something overhead caught my helper's attention. When I looked up, I immediately knew what I was looking at. We had chanced upon a Colugo (Malayan Flying Lemur).I had to switch lens and climb into the under grove before I could shoot the next couple of shots. It also meant braving the mossies as I focused on the colugo above me.Colugos are arboreal gliding mammals found in South-east Asia. These are tree dwelling mammals that can glide long distances, as they possess a thin membrane stretched to the ends of the tail and each limb.
Generally they are mottled grey or green-grey in colour, with dark banding, but some specimens are reddish. Their diet includes leaves and young shoots. During the day they rest high in the trees, clinging to trunks or hiding in tree holes.

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