Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Sharks and Cat Fish

I was surprised to see a small leopard shark piled a top large sea bass and snapper fillets. This shark is one of the many gentle giants of the deep. I use to love diving with one 2 meter long leopard shark as it was so gentle and inquisitive as it swam with divers. That shark loved to swim through the bubbles that we make as we breath under water.
Unfortunately, that majestic shark met with a sad end, it was fished out by unthinking people and put on display. Divers who witnessed the deed documented it and reported those people. Lets just say the people who killed the shark ended up being disciplined as they were fishing within a marine reserve.The above baby black tip also met the same end as the leopard shark. Notice that it is piled on the carcasses of other baby sharks that have had their fins cut off. The black tip is still whole and judging by its glossy eyes, I'd say it did die too long ago.And as I was heading out of the seafood section, I chanced upon a box of live cat fish wriggling in a old styrofoam box all green with algae.

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