Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hai Kee Char Kuay Teow

I visited Margaret Drive Food Center for some nostalgia, this is another food center that will be closing soon. There are a couple of hawker food that we Singaporeans will say die, die, must try. Hai Kee char kuay teow (ckt) is one of them. It was only 5pm and there was already a queue about 10 people deep. There were others already tucking into their plates of ckt.I joined the queue and waited patiently as the uncle attended to each of his customer personally before he fried up your order. Folks this hawker serves with a smile too. I ordered mine with no chili as I like my ckt without the spicy taste and added extra "harm" or blood cockles. I am one who must have harm in my ckt and laksa as the blood adds another dimension to the dishes.This here is my $3.50 plate of ckt and it doesn't look that much when you look at it. The plate is a simple dish of egg and rice noodles fried with garlic, eggs, pork lard, bean sprouts and cockles. See the cockles done just right and the brown bit on the right is crispy pork lard. This is old school food. These days many hawkers have gone back to using lard, I guess it is because it does give a different flavor to the dish.After playing with my food, I happily tucked in and enjoyed my hot plate of ckt. Next time, I'm asking for more sweet sauce. Go early and before the food center closes.

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