Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Lovely Swallowtail

I had followed this lovely butterfly from the front of my garden to the back on Saturday. It was one heck of a difficult subject to photograph as if wouldn't say still but I persevered to get a couple of good photos.
With the photos I was able to identify the species of butterfly. My flighty subject is the common mormon from the swallowtail species which can be found in the forests as well as in cultivated urban areas in Singapore. The food plants of the caterpillar are mainly the common Lime Plant and the Indian Curry Leaf Plant.
The butterfly in the photo is female and she was laying eggs on the curry tree. She just went round and round to a point that I was dizzy.
She eventually took a rest on the wild grass on my neighbor's side and I had to shoot between the fence to get this shot.

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