Sunday, April 06, 2008

Miniature Cheesecakes

The weather wasn't very good on Saturday afternoon for anything but staying indoors. I decided to bake up some miniature cheesecakes that you can just pop in your mouth. If you're disciplined enough hopefully, you won't pop too many into your mouth at a time. My way of calorie control.
These are the tiny 2cm wide cheesecakes that had just come out of the oven.
The next process was to cool them, then chill them. I have two great tupperware boxes that are of the right size for bite size morsels and the boxes were used to store the cheesecakes.I neatly filled two boxes and stacked them in the fridge to chill. While I headed out to get dinner and also pick-up ingredients to top off the mini cheesecakes. I got a bottle of blueberry jam, mangoes, passion fruit and strawberries. Heated up some gelatin and off I went to finish off the little morsels. My favorite are the ones topped off with passion fruit.


Elyani said...

Without a doubt, cheesecake is truly an indulgence. Its rich taste is hard to miss.

Shirls said...