Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally Some Teeth

This is Moe, Curly and Larry of Long-tailed Macaquedom making a monkey of themselves on a warning sign. They are trying very hard to earn free handouts as they do not understand what the sign said "Do not feed the monkeys. Fine S$500". To make matters worse they were performing outside the ranger's station with a ranger on duty. Could it be they were there to test people who visit the reserve to see if the warning worked? They tried every trick in the book. From Curly swing from Moe's tail aka Tarzan of the apes. To Moe putting on a Herculean act of pulling Curly up with his tail.Laugh at their antics but know not to spoil them by giving them free handouts.Cute and entertaining as they are Moe, Curly and Larry do not need free handouts as there is enough food in the reserves to keep their bellies from going hungry.There are still many inconsiderate people who secretly feed them. Many do not care that the consequences of turning Moe, Curly and Larry into public enemy number 1, is death for the animals when they are identified as nuisance or aggressive animals. The penalty for feeding monkeys can be a hefty too for the human offender who gets caught. Reported in The Straits Times today, a housewife got fined S$3,000 for throwing sweets from a vehicle at the monkeys at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve along the Old Upper Thomson. One of the hot spots for illegal monkey feeding despite warning signs. So please DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS.

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