Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I finally succeeded in taking decent photographs of the broad winged damselfly. These metallic green damselflies love to sit in bright sunlight to sun themselves. And because of their metallic coloration reflect light, it is hard to figure out the correct angle for the best shot. Another factor was the fact that you can't choose where they turn up at. Often they sun themselves in locations with limited area for a photographer to work with.
I tried using a flash to correct the light balance but the damselfly's metallic body bounces light off the flash causing over exposure around the damselfly. The best way to photograph them is without a flash.
This time around I had a better working area and the results to go with it. Here's another that focuses on the damselfly's head.While heading back this dragonfly caught my eye. I wouldn't have stopped to photograph it if it wasn't about four inches long and had unique coloration something that I've not seen before.

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