Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's a Bird, It's a Flying Lizard!!!

I went in search of the kingfisher and once again the bird eludes as did the Blue-throated Bee Eaters. While trying to find the bird again, I caught a glimpse of something come flying down. My initial thought was a bird but it was green and had four feet.
Immediately, I recognized the flying object.... a green crested lizard. It must have leaped off a tree to avoid something. It then climbed up another tree and as you can see it was nice and toasty in brilliant technicolor.
The kingfisher was no where to be seen but I did catch a glimpse of a Banded Woodpecker. This one is another that hangs around one particular tree. I am going to hang around this area again when I have the time to see if I catch a good shot of the elusive birds.

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