Friday, July 25, 2008

The Kid In Me

It's been raining the entire week and I have been couped up at home doing nothing but work. Yesterday, we baby sat my almost 4-year-old nephew. To keep him entertained and behaved, I had to bribe him.
We made doughnuts and the kid in me came out to play. I found a simple chocolate glaze recipe and we created chocolate glazed doughnuts sprinkled with colored rice. What kid would refuse these colorful delights?After my helper fried up the doughnuts, I dunked them in the glaze to coat them. Next came to color to brighten them up. The kid had three doughnuts at a go and insisted on a doggie bag when his grandfather came to take him home for his afternoon nap. It felt good taking the short break to be creative and letting some of the stress from work slide away.
I munched on a couple more today as I had to deal with a very stressed out client who was not having a good day. Can't blame him as we were looking at a crappy piece of work that we weren't allowed to fix.

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