Sunday, July 06, 2008

What A Gem!

I never regret carrying the camera in a backpack every morning as part of my exercise routine. I know I'm being kiah su (afraid to miss out) but I do see the darndest things during my morning walks and have cussed myself blue for not having the camera with me.
This morning, I spied a butterfly sitting low on some branches and I stooped to have a closer look. Upon a closer look I immediately recognized that this was one I hadn't seen before. Out came the camera in very slow motion least I scare my subject away.I slowly approached it and began to photograph it. It flew off several times but I was lucky to be able to follow it as I had help. I found myself a rare butterfly called the Sumatran Gem.The Sumatran Gem is a rather rare butterfly in Singapore, and it only makes its appearance occasionally. The species usually flies in bright sunshine early in the morning and settles on leaves with its wings closed or semi-open. The underside is reddish brown with striations. The legs of the butterfly are banded.Carrying the extra weight paid off. I have these fantastic shots to share with the world.

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