Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chinatown Complex

I wanted to further explore the Chinatown area with my camera and I spent some time at the Chinatown Complex area. The photos in this posting are shot with a Sigma wide-angle lens. The above photo was set-up for greater depth-of-field and then I digitally engineered the photo for the effect that you see.
I then went into the complex for some food and I randomly picked a stall that had a queue to try. This was my wanton noodles and it was pretty tasty.After filling my stomach, I walked around to capture some of the scenes in the hawker center. This was an interesting stall selling honey crackers. I wanted to buy a piece to try but they weren't ready yet.The stall with the longest queue ever belongs to this stall selling yong tau foo.Popiah skin maker at work.

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