Monday, August 25, 2008

Shashimi Nature's Way

I was at Lower Pierce learning to shoot with my new camera and I came across this fish that had been bitten in half.You might ask so what's so interesting about a half eaten dead fish floating in Singapore's drinking water? It's interesting because the fish was still alive and swimming when I found it. It was making small cirles in the water and breathing through its gills.The next thing I noticed were loads of transparent shrimps feasting on the poor fish. They were having shashimi nature's way. How fresh can it get, the fish is still alive. It reminded me of how Chinese chefs can deep fry a carp and yet it could still be served at a banquet breathing while the rest of its body was cooked.
The shrimps were doing what nature had intended them to do keep the water clean, simply put it's the circle of life.

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