Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wild Food - Birds

I am terribly fascinated with this street market with what it produces each day as I walked through it. Having travelled the region, I knew I had to leave my standards at home and view the wild food that is found in the market as part of life in Laos. Here are birds that have been shot in the jungle for sale. I heard the hunters' guns during my trek and it reminded me of the sound of dynamite going off under water in Indonesia when I was diving.Swallows plucked and ready for sale, my guide tells me that they are tasty morsels when grilled. These little birds are caught with mist nets by the hundreds in open fields. The hunter will set the field a light and the smoke will cause insects to take to the air drawing the swallows into a death trap.Slaughtered Egrets, I found it disconcerting as the beaks were chopped off and it made me wonder if it was pre or post mortem. There were live birds too but I couldn't buy them and set them free.

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