Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Ever Call Anyone Bird Brain

I had some time to kill and I chose to walk along to the lake to see what I could find. In the undergrowth, I spotted a Little Heron that was picking up pieces of bread that people threw into the lake to feed fish. This bird eats mainly fish and so it was a surprise to see it picking up bread. Initially, I thought it was going to eat them but the bird just held them between its beak.What the bird did with the bread made me realize that the bird was using its intelligence. It dropped the bread into the water close to where it was perched, using the bread as bait for fish. It wasn't a bird brain after all.Unfortunately for this bird it got distracted by another photographer who got too close to it after it dropped the pieces of bread into the water. The fish got their meal and the bird went hungry.

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