Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dried Barking Deer Meat

My guide and driver chose to stop at a rest stop for lunch. The stall had dried meat hanging out and it didn't take long before the guide points out that the meat is that of a barking deer.
The drive and guide promptly place an order for the deer meat while I stuck to pho. The dried deer meat is grilled over a charcoal fire.Once the strips of meat are done, they are left to cool a little.Next they are pounded to soften the strips.The meat is then eaten with a chili sauce and sticky rice. I usually pay for the meals of my driver and guide, and I suspect that they expected me to foot their bill. However, I don't agree with eating wild game especially when the guide can tell me that the deer is protected in Laos and it was poached. I made it a point not to pay for their meals.

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