Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finding The Strangest Insects On Dead Trees

It's been raining again and the dead trees are getting soggy enough to attract the creepy crawlies. I finally have great shots of this wood hopper that I've called pre-historic hoppers because of their funky looks. They've relocated to another piece of wood as their first piece of habitat has totally disintegrated.I know that I will be able to find more in the future as I've even photographed them procreating.On another dead tree I spotted this beetle keeping watch over a hole in the trunk and it was weary of me hanging around.I kept some distance between the beetle and myself patiently waiting to see why it was being so protective. Soon I realize that there was another beetle in the hole and I waited for it to pop up I got my shot. Don't they look as though they are communicating with each other and totally alien.

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