Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vieng Savanh

This restaurant is on Heng Boun and I chance upon it by chance on a Sunday as it was packed with Laotians having their dinner. They served steamboat and grilled meat balls that was eaten with lots of salad and rice noodles.One of the girls at the restaurant asked if I would like to place an order and with much trouble I did. This was my order - meat balls, fresh vegetables and hers, pickled raw starfruit, garlic, noodles, rice paper and a sweet peanut dipping sauce.I ended up making up my own servings, a little of everything wrapper in a piece of rice paper topped of with an meatball, wrap them up and dunk into the sauce. The salad help to cut the grease of the meatball. which were really firm and bouncy. This is another restaurant to try.

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