Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rhinoceros Iguana

The Rhinoceros Iguana is a beautiful and unique looking lizard.The rhinoceros iguana gets its name from the outgrowths, like horns, on the end of its nose. It is a powerful lizard with a long tail. It is cold-blooded, like other reptiles, and must bask in the sun before it can become active. Dusky-grey or olive-green with dark cross bands that are often barely visible. There are three bumps on the snout. These bumps are more pronounced in males. The average size is about 2-2.5 feet in length.


the wife said...

All your reptile photos--indeed, all your nature photos--are beautiful! I especially enjoyed seeing the native species around your world.

PS--you are a good daughter for taking care of your mother. It's a very hard job.

--AE Nash

Shirls said...

Hi AE Nash,

Thank you very much. As for being a good daughter, I do what I can and stay positive all the time.