Friday, November 07, 2008

White-Faced Saki Revisited

Ever visited a zoo in 30 minutes? I did. I tried to steal sometime to decompress but ended up on the phone with the doctors discussing medical treatment and procedures before turning around and heading to the hospital. But the bit of stolen time was well spent as I had a goal in mind and achieved it.I got to hangout with the White-faced Saki monkeys during their morning feed. The photos here are of the female.She silver grey and with an equally cute face. The zoo keeper was really great with these monkeys, once they had their fill of the pieces he fed them. He allowed the monkeys to approach their feed bucket to choose what they wanted.
I also managed to photograph the Asian Small Clawed otters, which I can't do in the wild since they are non-existent in the clean and green city. Last but not the least, I got to see the biggest nose in Borneo too all in 30 minutes. I got my playtime.

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