Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bus Trip To Jalan Besar For Lunch

I hopped on a bus this after noon, my first bus ride in years. to head down to Jalan Besar for a Beijing lunch. The bus ride was pleasant as I had a friend with me who is an advocate of public transport. I on the other hand had my reservations. The bus took sometime to arrive but it wasn't too bad. We arrived in good time and in good spirits for a food adventure. Something I've not done in a while too.
This afternoon, we dropped in on a Beijing eatery called Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant. Interesting looking place with an extensive menu including dim sum and hand made noodles. Since it was lunch we zeroed in on noodles and dim sum. We ordered zha jiang mian, xiao long bao, a chives pancake and fried tofu.

The good thing was the food arrived fast and soon we were tucking into our lunch. The zha jiang mian was okay but I still like Crystal Jade's and the tofu was also so so. The xiao long bao and pancake were pretty good. I think the pancake filling is similar to the Shanghainese chives dumpling and I liked it with vinegar. I'd come back again another day to try other items on the menu. The meal was pretty reasonably priced too.

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