Saturday, December 06, 2008


I went for my usual morning walk with my camera in my backpack for the "just in case I come across something interesting during my walk". As I was climbing the slope. I chanced upon this tiny Praying Mantis sitting on a tapioca leaf. It is also one of my favorite insects to photograph as I can with patience coax the insect to pose for me. While I was engrossed with the tiny mantis, the mossies extracted their usual payment but the photos were worth it for me.


Shawn said...

Thats one beautiful mantis. Also found it near your house?

Try this: At night off all the lights in the house, go outside to the sit-out and then on an emergency light. When there are a lot of flies around, you will probably see Praying Mantises attracted to the flies and the lights.

Thats how I attract Mantises to my house in India.

Shirls said...

yes! during my morning walk. I'll experiment once life gets back to normal again. Currently, it's a bit crazy.

Shawn said...

Haha... just 2 more dyas to my trip to india. Can't wait to see some snakes and scorpions. I will post my pictures once I come back.

Shirls said...

Hey Shawn, Bon Voyage and look forward to seeing your photos on your blog.