Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

2008 has been a year that went by so quickly that I still haven't caught my breath yet. However, looking back at the year I can't believe that I managed to complete so many things despite the constant medical emergencies that I saw my mom through, through out the entire year.
  1. I have learnt that the human spirit can be indomitable and the will to live can be very strong. My mom, she has a list of illnesses and yet she lived through a brain hemorrhage, sepsis, umpteenth infections and pneumonia.
  2. I have learnt a bunch of things that I never knew about a year ago, like getting medical equipment or hiring an ambulance like calling a cab. I call the ambulance, my mom's personal limousine.
  3. I finally got to polish up my skills at photography and take better photographs. This one comes off my personal to-do list.
  4. I have through photography learnt a lot of cool stuff, met lots of people and photographed lots of neat things. I'm the person with the camera glued to my face.
  5. I have learnt that there are so many wonderful creatures inhabiting our little red dot that so few appreciate and seen creatures that few have seen. I guess there comes a time when teaching someone else will be an even greater draw to me.
  6. I have managed to knock Laos off my list too. I finally completed all my four Indo-Chinese states.
  7. Last but not the least, I have a bunch of really swell friends, you all know who you are. Thank you! I couldn't have made it through the year without you guys.

Happy New Year and may 2009 bring peace, hope, joy, and happiness to us all.


Anonymous said...

moo! happy new year too!

(eh, where's my choc souffle and bbq???)

rgds - kjj

Shirls said...

Hello KJJ and moo to you too. :-)

Your choc souffle and bbq are still on the list along with all our other must see and must eat. Hopefully, we'll knock some of them off during the 365 days in 2009.