Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jagong Mutiara CH

Did you know that you can eat sweet corn raw? I didn't till I found this stall at the pasar malam. The vendor was the only one selling sweet corn that he says can be eaten raw.
He was shucking corn and cutting them up for people to try. We tried his samples and the corn was yummy. The kernels were crunchy and when you bite into them, they ooze sweet sugary juice from each kernel.
We bought two lots to take home but with the 12-hour drive home they were a little wilted by the time we got back. Note: the corn tastes better fresh.
The next time you are in the highlands do look out for Jagon Mutiara CH and eat them on the spot.


Shawn said...

Hi Shirls.

Can you help me in identifying the butterflies in my latest post?

These were seen in India, and I can't find help in the net either.

Thanks a lot.

Shirls said...

Shawn, can only help you with two of the four butterflies. See my comments on your blog.

Shawn said...

Thanks a lot Shirls.

Thanks for your help.