Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Visitors To My Garden Studio

I had the camera with me on new year's eve while cooking reunion dinner. Had to have two lenses too as I shot food and the birds that were dropping into my garden for a drink.
The familiar wild call of the Little Spider Hunter alerted me that it was again visiting. I swapped to my telephoto and search for the bird amongst my Heliconia.Spider Hunters are noisy birds and they will always advertise their presence. They are also smart, like the Sunbirds, they stay well hidden and are very fast flyers.In the afternoon, it was the Plain Throated Sunbird that held court amongst the Heliconia.This bird was sunning itself and the sunlight brought out the iridescence of the bird's well groomed feathers.This bird has deep purple tail feathers but the lens didn't seem to pick up the iridescent purple much like that of the Purple Throated Sunbird.

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