Friday, February 20, 2009

Driving Up To A Kingfisher

After parking my car next to the park at my home, I realized that there was a White-throated Kingfisher no more than 2 meters away from me. I had to turn around to the backseat to grab my camera as it was such a great opportunity. All kingfishers don't let humans get too close to them.
I slowly lowered my car window and stuck out my lens. I chose not to shoot with a flash as I find that birds tend to fly off the minute a flash is fired.
Here's the 28 cm tall kingfisher staring directly at my lens.
Turning away to look the other direction still not disturbed by the camera or by me sitting in the car.It turns and looks at me with a sort of perplexed look before he flew off.He stands tall like a sentinel.

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