Friday, February 13, 2009

Saraca Trees in Bloom

I have been busy all week with work and had little time to indulge myself with my hobbies. But hey! the weekend is here and I got past Friday, the 13th without any major snafus.
The weather has been hot and dry, and this has triggered many trees to flower. One of my favorite tress is the Yellow Saraca Tree or Ashoka Tree. This tree is rather unique in that the flowers grow from the trunk and branches. This tree is also a favorite food source of a number of nectar feeding birds and a bird photographer's dream tree to photograph sunbirds.
While waiting for the Common Kingfisher, the Crimson Sunbirds flying around the Saraca Tree caught my attention.I managed to catch this bird hovering as it was feeding. Hence, many people think that they are Humming Birds.That reminds me that I am still in search of the Purple Throated Sunbird as I have yet to get a decent photograph of this bird. Since last weekend, I have been in search of tiny and elusive kingfishers that have a huge paparazzi following them around these past couple of weeks.

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