Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Breeding Pair Of Kingfishers

While taking my cat Ruben for a car ride, I discovered a pair of White-throated Kingfishers breeding not far from my home. Since then I have photographed the pair at their nest site, hunting and soon I hope to see them with their fledglings.
The one above is bird no. 1 and the one below is bird no. 2. I can't tell male from female but the two birds have distinct features. Bird no. 1 is slicker feather wise but its beak is scarred. Bird no. 2 looks younger but it spots a dink at the back of head like it had been pecked on. Its beak is also in better condition.


Shawn said...

When I heard "A Breeding Pair" what immediately came to my mind was a mating pair.

Anyway, you want to see some Ant-Like Spiders? I just posted about them.

Shawn said...
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Shirls said...

Ha! Ha! Shawn, the title caught your eye.

I've not seen the ant-like spider although a friend was telling me about them. Where did you spot them?